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Sports Medicine services offered in Denver, CO

Ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, and stress fractures are among the most common sports-related injuries. At Foot Specialist Associates in Denver, Colorado, Lauren Molchan, DPM, John McGarry, DPM, and the caring team of podiatry sports medicine specialists offers comprehensive care for all types of sports injuries in the feet and ankles. Dr. Molchan is a former collegiate athlete who understands the difficulties associated with sports injuries and the importance of a proper recovery. If you or someone you love gets hurt, don’t wait for recovery. Call the office or book an appointment today.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What injuries does podiatry sports medicine cover?

Foot Specialist Associates treats any foot or ankle injury that occurs during (or as a result of) physical activity. Some of the most common sports medicine injuries affecting the feet and ankles are:

Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains occur when you strain or tear a ligament in your inner or outer ankle. Ankle sprains can occur in any sport, usually due to a misstep or hard impact. 

Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is a strain in the tendon at the back of your heel. It often affects distance runners or other athletes who abruptly increase their exercise routine.


Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs with repeated strain on the plantar fascia tissue connecting your heel and toes. This strain causes inflammation and severe heel pain that usually fades while you’re exercising but comes back afterward.


Stress fractures

Stress fractures are tiny breaks in one of the bones in the foot or ankle. Stress fractures often happen because of repeated impacts during sports.


Sever’s disease

Sever’s disease, a growth plate injury that causes heel pain, is common in children and teenagers. At Foot Specialists Associates, the pediatric podiatry team can quickly identify and treat Sever’s disease and other pediatric foot and ankle sports injuries.

The podiatry care team can treat any foot and ankle injury using cutting-edge protocols designed for your swift recovery. 


What should I do if I am injured during sports?

If you suspect an injury, don’t try to walk it off or play through the pain. The “tough it out” philosophy is actually quite damaging. 

If you continue to play, you’re making at least some of the same movements that led to the injury — and the only possible outcome is worsening injury. Instead, elevate your foot right away. For pain, apply an ice pack. 

Contact Foot Specialists Associates immediately, and they’ll do everything possible to see you right away.


What does podiatry sports medicine treatment involve?

At Foot Specialist Associates, podiatry sports medicine treatment focuses on getting you back to doing what you love as soon as possible. The practice offers a wide variety of treatments, including:

  • Pain medication
  • Custom orthotics
  • Immobilization with a splint, brace, or cast
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Cortisone injections
  • Fracture reduction
  • Physical therapy

The experienced podiatry team understands that you want to recover quickly, but in order to do so, you might need to take a little time off while getting treatment. 

Missing a few games now while under podiatrist care can prevent a more serious injury — and considerably more downtime — later.

For exceptional sports injury care, call Foot Specialist Associates or book an appointment online today.